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General Issues
iOS Issues
Android Issues
General Issues

I recently replaced my phone/accidentally deleted the app. Can I download it again for free?
As long as you are on the same platform (iOS or Android) as before, you can always download your app again for free. Just make sure you're logged into the App Store / Google Play with the same email ID you originally used to purchase the app.
More info for iOS
More info for Android

Do you have a tutorial for the app?
Here is a link to a introductory tutorial. It's for an older version of the app but it's mostly the same.
Additionally, here's a video tutorial a user made a while back.

Can I transfer my purchase from Android to iOS (or vice versa)?
Sorry, Google Play and the App Store are separate and purchases cannot be transferred between them.

Only a few text styles appear, the rest of them are blank! And I'm using a white background.
If you're using a white background, the other styles will be hidden if the text is white. To fix this, tap the "color" tab, and then choose a color besides white.

Can I can manually set my line breaks?
Yes! Here are instructions:
- Double tap your text to edit
- Tap the switch above the left side of the keyboard so it says Auto Line Breaks OFF
- Then enter your line breaks manually
Entering line breaks will give you more control over how the words are distributed.

Is Word Swag available for Mac/PC/Desktop?
Word Swag is only available for iOS and Android mobile devices.

iOS Issues

On iOS, how do I give the app access to my photos/camera?
Go to your device's Settings -> Word Swag. Then turn the access to camera and photos switch ON.

On iOS, when I try to add my logo, the transparent part shows up with a white background.
Do you have iPhoto Cloud Library enabled? You can check under your device's Settings > iCloud > Photos > iCloud Photo Library.
If so, unfortunately it seems to make transparent images have white backgrounds.
I haven't found a consistent workaround, but sometimes saving your images from Safari helps. So for example you can try uploading your image to Dropbox, then opening dropbox.com in Safari. And saving your image there.

On iOS, can I post to my Facebook page?
Word Swag uses Apple’s built-in Facebook integration which doesn’t let you post to pages you manage. Here's how you can post to your Facebook page:
- Finish your design in Word Swag so it’s saved to your camera roll
- Download the Facebook app to your phone from the App Store
- Open up the Facebook app
- As long as your personal account is connected to your biz page, you should be able to post to the page you manage from within the Facebook app. Make a post and select the image off your phone’s camera roll.

On iOS, I'm having trouble restoring my purchases.
If you're having trouble restoring, try this:
- Go to your device's Settings > iTunes & App Store
- Log out of your Apple ID
- Go to Word Swag and try restoring purchases. You will be prompted to log in again. If that doesn't work, please email support.

Android Issues

On Android, the app is saying it is not licensed by Google Play. Help!
Google licensing is known to have problems sometimes which can usually be fixed by clearing the app data in Google Play Store. Here are instructions: http://www.athentech.com/help/faq/google-play-license-check-failed

On Android, the app restarts after I choose my own photo.
Does your phone automatically quit apps in the background? This can happen when you install a 3rd party app manager or change a setting in Android developer settings. Basically it's a setting that automatically quits an app when you switch to another app.

On Android, I can't paste text. Help!
On certain devices it's tricky to paste text into the top section. Here's a workaround:
When you get to the place where you enter your text, insert a few line returns. That will let you bring up the Android paste option. After you paste, you can delete few line returns before your text if you like (although it isn't necessary).

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